Mental Health

Mental Health Services (Daily Living Skills, MaineCare Sect. 17) support adults with a behavioral health diagnosis and/or clients with a dual diagnosis of behavioral health and intellectual disabilities. The program functions in the home to help adults with behavioral health and intellectual disabilities gain greater independence within their natural environments.

Program Focus: Daily Living Skills

The Daily Living Skills program supports individuals who are building and maintaining skills such as cooking, cleaning, medication management, grocery shopping, financial management, socialization, managing appointments, developing coping skills, and increasing safety.

Daily Living Skills programs offer an individualized treatment plan based upon the individual's specific needs. This plan identifies specific and realistic goal areas that are then incorporated into strategies that will support the individual in maintaining their skills.

This treatment plan is implemented by Mental Health Rehabilitation Technicians carefully matched to the individual by the program manager. Each individual’s treatment plan is reviewed and revised quarterly to ensure progress is being made toward the goals and that the service has a therapeutic benefit.

Eligibility Criteria

Eligible individuals meet these criteria:
  • Axis 1 diagnosis
  • Active MaineCare
  • LOCUS Score of 17 or higher


To make a referral, call 207-725-4371.

Staffing Qualifications

Direct Care staff must be 21 years or older, with a high school diploma or equivalent. Experience working with individuals with disabilities or post secondary education is highly preferred.

Independence Association ensures that all support staff have safe driving records and valid driver’s licenses. Criminal Background checks are completed along with Child and Adult Protective Background checks. 

Direct Support Staff are trained in crisis intervention, CRMA and CPR/First Aid. Direct Support Staff also participates in a 35 hour Mental Health Support Specialist Course to achieve their MHRT-1 certification. 

All staff are certified at either the MHRT-1 provisional level or the full MHRT-1 certification.  Full certification must be achieved within one year of employment and the certification must be maintained annually to ensure the highest quality of care is provided to the people we serve.