Transitional Support

Transitional Support: youth to adult, encompasses the processes of navigation and preparation for the next chapter of a youths life—life after high school. 

What will adult hood look like?

What will I need to be successful? 


Independence Association has a strong commitment to supporting youth in transition.  Our case managers are knowledgeable of the children’s system of care, the adult system of care and the educational system.  This broad base of expertise, combined with our network of community resources allows our team to support youth and families in navigating the complex dynamics of moving on to adulthood.  Transition is a process.    The planning for future needs typically begins at the age of 14 and even earlier if necessary.  It starts with development of a vision of what a youth wishes to accomplish in their final years of school to prepare for adulthood. 

Where do you envision yourself after high school? 

Where would you like to live and who would you like to live with? 

How will you access transportation? 

What about work? 

How will I stay connected with my family and friends?

Will I need help to live on my own?


Where to begin?

Our case managers provide this support as a part of our comprehensive approach to case management. Please speak with your case manager or call us at 207-725-4371 and ask to speak to the Director of Home Based Services.