Transitional Support

Transitional Support helps youth prepare for and navigate the complex transition to life after high school.  We help youth and their families think about the big questions:

What will adulthood look like?

What will I need to be successful?

Independence Association case managers know the children’s and adult systems of care as well as educational systems. The planning process begins at age 14 and earlier if necessary.  It starts with development of a vision of what a youth wishes to accomplish in their final years of school to prepare for successful adulthood. 

Where do I envision myself after high school? 

Where would I like to live? Alone or with others?
Will I need help to live on my own?

How will I get from place to place? What about work? 

How will I stay connected with my family and friends?

The biggest question for many families is, of course 

Where do we begin?

To obtain Transition Support services, please speak with your case manager or call us at 207-725-4371 and ask to speak to the Director of Home -ased Services.