Shared Living

Shared Living (SLO Section 21) is a great option for many people. It provides an alternative to a group home for those not able to live independently. S

What is Shared Living?

A Shared Living community member-host opens their home to a person with an Intellectual  Disability or Autism.  Community Members desirous of becoming a Shared Living provider must complete an application process and become approved to contract with Independence Association, as a Shared Living Provider. In Shared Living, a person or family opens their home to a person with an Intellectual Disability. The person or family is trained to become a Qualified Provider and as a contractor acts as primary care giver to the person sharing their home.

What Makes Shared Living Effective?

The family-like atmosphere offers a greater opportunity for inclusion in the community and to form natural connections. The model of care focuses on providing a safe living environment that promotes life enriching activities for individuals who are unable to live independently due to their disability. Services are provided daily in accordance with the Person Centered Plan. Respite funding is available to ensure a planned break for the provider and the individual served..   The Shared Living Program  contracted provider supports the person in their care through therapeutic habilative skill training in areas such as activities of daily living to include personal care, cooking, community inclusion  and transportation. The key to a successful Shared Living arrangement is the match between the person in need of support and the provider. We strive to have Shared Living Providers who are compassionate, skill oriented, resourceful and committed to the philosophy of community inclusion.

Who Oversees Shared Living?

Shared Living is a MaineCare Section 21 home support service.  Independence Association oversees Shared Living Providers in the capacity as the administering oversight agency; ensuring maximum program quality and professional guidance. As the oversight agency a representative of Independence Association meets monthly with the Contracted Providers to promote quality assurance and enhanced quality of life for the individual.  Additionally, they provide technical support to the contracted provider in the areas of medical documentation, compliance with MaineCare regulations, DHHS expectations, record keeping, care of the individual and contract compliance. Contracted Providers have regular meetings with the Individuals’ Case Manager to report programming progress and concerns.  Additionally, as the oversight agency, Independence Association is responsible for the MaineCare billing on behalf of the Shared Living provider as well as additional support specifically needed to ensure the  Shared Living Arrangement is successful.  

Who Benefits from Shared Living?

Shared Living contractors assist people to live their lives to their fullest potential.   This is a great opportunity for individuals seeking home support in a less restrictive environment and for those who are interested in becoming self-employed and have the willingness and desire to welcome a new member into their household. Shared Living residents benefit from a less intensive alternative to a 24-hour residential care facility. It provides an appropriate level of support and easy community connections for those who may not want to live in a group home setting yet are unable to live independently. If you are interested in learning more about the opportunities available with Shared Living, as a person seeking services or a person who would like to invite someone into their home, please contact our Shared Living Coordinator at 207 725-4371. For more information on Shared Living options please visit the Department of Health and Human Services Office of Aging and Disability Services at