Residential (Group Homes)

residential capture Residential Services offers more than just a place to live. We provide a safe home with a supportive and dedicated staff helping with daily living needs and much more. We respect each person as a unique individual, helping to facilitate their individual needs while affording them the opportunity to utilize community resources. Independence Association provides round the clock home support to individuals in 14 residential homes located throughout the Mid-Coast community. Our focus is to encourage the individuals we support to live the most fulfilling, independent lives possible. Programming is designed to reflect each individual’s abilities, strengths and desires while meeting the guidelines of medical necessity.

Welcomed and Supported

Individuals supported are encouraged to be active participants in their respective communities, which are welcoming and supportive of our mission. We encourage individuality and community-inclusive activities such as grocery shopping, going out to eat, horseback riding, bowling and many other activities that make lives complete, as well as activities to increase independence such as cooking, showering, and improving communication skills. Our dedicated, well-trained staff enjoys being involved in the process of an individual working to achieve their goals and fulfilling their dreams.