Adult In-Home Supports

Adult In-Home Supports: ( Section 21/29, Home and Community Benefits for Members w/ Intellectual Disabilities or Autistic Disorder).  In-Home Support is a service specifically designed to aid in skill acquisition and skill maintenance.  The goal is to help people become as independent as possible and strive to keep people as independent as possible.  In Home support is provided to eligible individuals in their home and community setting. In-Home Support Services is a unique program which provides services to individuals with an Intellectual Disability or autistic disorder in their home.  The program works collaboratively with the family to meet the needs of the person served. The team consists of:   the individual served, the family network, Independence Association Representatives, Case Manager and other persons who offer support to the person. Qualified staff assist the individual and his/her family in their home on activities of daily living, behavior management and community inclusion.    We work to establish routines, develop positive and safe coping skills, decrease challenging behavior and master the skills of daily living. Each person receives 1:1 staffing to ensure that individual it being provided with the attention that is necessary to gain or maintain skills needed to be in their home while assuring their health and safety is not compromised.  The amount of service is determined through an assessment process which occurs in collaboration with the Person Centered Planning Team.  The planning team will make a recommendation for an amount of service and Independence Association works with DHHS-OADS and its authorized agent to submit a service proposal.  Services may begin upon approval of the service.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Active MaineCare
  • Over the age of 18
  • Diagnosed with intellectual disability and/or Autistic Disorder
  • Have been found eligible for Adult Developmental Services
  • Section 21 Waiver Level Services
  • The individual must live with their family or other natural support network.  Those in need of home support who reside on their own may be served through the Community Living Program of Independence Association.
Direct Care staff must be twenty one years or older, with a high school diploma or equivalent. Experience working with individuals with disabilities or post secondary education is highly preferred. Independence Association   ensures that all support staff have safe driving records and valid driver’s licenses.  Criminal Background check are completed along with Child and Adult Protective Background check to see if the potential staff has ever been involved in an abuse or neglect case.  Direct care staff is required to receive Direct Support Professional training, as well as crisis intervention, and CPR/First Aid.  Referrals can be made directly to the agency by contacting 725-4371