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Spindleworks & Spinoff Studio are art-based day programs for adults with disabilities. Nationally-recognized Spindleworks is nestled in historic downtown Brunswick and the newly developed SpinOff Studio is located in Gardiner Maine. Both centers provide studio and gallery space for artists with disabilities to realize their creative dreams. Artistic exploration, community engagement, personal growth and personal expression are fostered through workshops, visits from local artists, and an environment of constant learning. In this supportive atmosphere, the artists are given responsibility and creative license, encouraged to make good choices and collaborate with one another. This engagement is focused on developing social and peer leadership skills, confidence and self esteem. Skill-building that supports independence in daily life is gained through participating in artistic pursuits available at both programs. Spindleworks, established in 1978, currently supports 45 member artists working in a historic building just off Maine Street. The facility includes a three season pottery studio, sculpture studio, weaving rooms, darkroom, painting and drawing studios, as well as areas for sewing and textile arts. Artists have access to computers, still and video cameras, and are encouraged to express themselves using the written word as well visual means.  Spinoff, established in 2012 currently supports over 25 member artists serving the greater Augusta-Gardiner area.

Spinoff Studio

SpinOff Studio, launched in December of 2011 in Hallowell, has an intimate feel and encourages a focus on individual artistic pursuit. In April of 2014, due to SpinOff’s success and growth, a move to a larger space was warranted. Gardiner was chosen due to its proximity to our member artists and due to its strong art community. A close-knit group of 15-20 artists per day use drawing and painting, sculpture, textile arts, music, multimedia, audio art, poetry and printmaking to express themselves. The program takes advantage of many nearby cultural resources such as museums and galleries, colleges and historic sites. In addition, local natural spaces are visited regularly to engage in plein-air observational work. Connect with SpinOff Studio on Facebook! Spinoff Facebook