Long Term Work Supports

  Long-Term Work Supports:   We believe that, given appropriate guidance and support, individuals with disabilities can achieve employment success. Long Term Work Supports allow an individual to improve his or her ability to work independently, maintain productivity, and improve his or her sustainability in long term employment.  Typically paired with an individual’s home provider, qualified work supports professionals are trained to support individuals to overcome any barriers that prevent them from working as independently as possible. Long-Term Work Support Professionals: assist participants in meeting their employers’ performance expectations. These supports include on-the-job supports designed to assist participants in the learning process and to develop their work skills and habits. Employment Support Professionals also assist in identifying and arranging workplace accommodations or adaptive equipment and hold off-site meetings with participants to discuss work issues or concerns. Employing Collaborators include: McDonald’s, Jo-Ann’s Fabrics, 7 Eleven, Osh Kosh, Bath and Body Works, Big Top Deli, Richard’s Restaurant, Skillin’s Greenhouse, Bull Moose, The Times Record, Hannaford Supermarkets
“Finest young man I’ve ever hired…got any more?”- Plant Home Manager “Peter has this job for life!”- McDonald’s Manager