EnvisionMe is a habilitative and therapeutically driven Community Support program that provides adults who may require more intensive oversight services that promote and improve personal and community safety skills, expand social circles, encourage fitness and healthy living, and afford meaningful activities in the community at large. These frequently involve community based settings. The program affords adults an opportunity to learn new skills and / or further develop current skills that promote personal growth. Curriculum based activities are offered in a lively, spacious and sensory-enriched environment, and are structured to provide medically necessary services that increase independence in activities of daily living and self management.

Motor Development & Sensory Awareness

On-site curriculums offer a variety of opportunities that promote motor development, environmental and self awareness. Activities include creative expression through music and crafts, sensory development through visual, auditory and tactile games, and activities that promote gross and fine motor development.

Healthy Living

Independence Association is committed to encouraging healthy living for all participants. At the EnvisionME program, individuals learn meal planning and preparation, basic cooking skills and knowledge about good nutrition. In addition, our BeFit! program, in combination with other fitness activities offered on-site and in the community, affords an array of opportunities for routine exercise at all levels and abilities.

Community Connections

Through volunteerism and creative enterprise, participants connect with their community daily. By delivering Meals on Wheels or caring for animals at area Humane Societies, individuals develop mutually supportive relationships that create opportunities to give back to their community.

Activity Offerings

Hiking Club, Cooking Class, Creative Crafts, BeFit!, Current Events Club, Doggie Delights,  Reading Group, Volunteering, Yoga “I feel comfortable here” -EnvisionME participant