Interagency Volunteering

Interagency volunteering allows volunteers to share their time with our consumers through collaboration with our community programs. Teach art, spend quality time having a cup of coffee or taking a walk with one of our consumers. Teach computer skills. You could be a companion for one of our residents — play cards, gardening, crafting or just sit and talk. You could share your musical, culinary, artistic interest with one or more people. Athletic talent, you could volunteer to help out with a Special Olympics team — or even become a Coach! Money Management or Business management Skills, volunteer to hold a skill training workshop for our staff. If you are part of a civic-minded group you could host a dance or a small dinner for our consumers or help out with a movie or game night at one of our facilities. So many people within our community have talents and skills that would be greatly cherished by our consumers if shared. If you have a skill you would like to share and we have consumers interested in participating we would be happy to help bring this to a reality.

For Interagency Volunteer information contact:

General: David Curtis Community Living Supervisor at 406-5038 Art/Music: Brian Braley, Director Spindleworks at 725-8820