Family Matters

IA believes in supporting families. We are dedicated to supporting all parents, guardians, families and individuals with intellectual disabilities regardless of whether we support them directly through our numerous services. Those we serve directly will benefit greatly if we also support those who receive support from other great agencies throughout the state. Thus we have created initiatives and informational resources that provide indirect support to all. We hope this helps in managing and navigating the day to day challenges and concerns they face. 


Frequently Asked Questions:

provides information regarding many questions concerning support services, guardianship, regulations, state and federal requirements as well as questions about transition.


Public Forums:

We also offer many public open forums open to all parents, guardians, family members and individuals that provide information and an opportunity to ask questions directly from those who are making the decisions that may have direct impact upon their lives. You can request to be included in the invitations to these forums by sending an email to the director of communications Dennis St. Pierre via our send email page.


Family Advisory Council:

A committee of the board of directors that includes non board members. This council has been created by family members to be of assistance to IA in its efforts to maximize the quality of life and improving opportunities for those who use IA's services. This committee also acts as a safe and confidential place for family members to express their concerns and then advocates on behalf of those individuals when necessary. If you are interested in joining this council or need to use the council as a resource for assistance please contact the council chair Channa Eberhart by email on our send email page.


Family Feedback:

Additionally in an effort to provide Continuous Quality Assurance to those we directly serve and support, Independence Association has created an email address by which family members, guardians, and loved ones of people served anywhere within the organization may email feedback regarding the services received by their loved ones. This email is confidential, and does not go to anyone employed within the management of the agency. The email goes to two board members charged with the responsibility to review your feedback and respond if appropriate.  Feedback may be positive, negative, or a suggestion.   The email address is: