Alec: Communication creates growth

Last week, Alec, a resident of our Old Portland Road (OPR) house, was honored by his Elmhurst day program as "Consumer of the Year", for being the individual who showed the most growth in the past year. Alec's recent successes are a direct result of the generous support that has allowed us to provide iPads and communications training for Alec and his staff, along with many others. Dan Sheehan, House Manager at OPR, says effective use of the iPad as a communication tool has dramatically reduced Alec's frustration at being unable to explain what he wants or needs. Independence Association's commitment to arrange more consistent staffing in residences has also made it easier for residents and staff to understand the best ways to work together, Dan says. "With consistent people on the schedule, we can all understand the expectations," Dan said. Alec's mom, Cindy, says: “As a family, we are very grateful for what Independence does for Alec.” Cindy says, “Alec has matured a great deal in the past year. He is calmer during his home visits and more communicative. He comes home with his usual big smile and unique sense of humor. When he is ready to go back to OPR he politely says ‘home,’ and when prompted loads his belongings into his back pack and gets in the car. Back at OPR he indicates when it’s time for Mom to leave by saying ‘bye’ and leading me to the door.” OPR Team Lead Philip Mason said that Alec "came into his own" in the last year, showing "exponential" personal growth. "We're very proud of him," said Jon Zerrlaut, a DSP who has worked with McNett for more than two years. "He has made amazing strides in the home and in the program as well." Alec lives at Independence Association's Old Portland Road home in Brunswick and attends a day program at Elmhurst in Bath on weekday afternoons. He was recognized at the Elmhurst Annual Dinner on Monday June 25. "We are all so very proud of the progress he is making," said Janice Warring, Director of Consumer Services at Elmhurst. "I believe that the excellent teamwork between our agencies has aided in that."

Your gift today helps Alec and his friends continue to grow! Thank you for supporting Independence Association!

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