Residential Targets Document Quality and Succeeds!

Quinton the Quality Owl has been popping up all over Independence Association as we work to enhance our Culture of Quality. Clients and families typically rate our services highly, which is our ultimate goal. We want to hit that quality services target with consistency. We also want to be smart about reducing needless effort on the way to our goal.

Our Residential Services team recently took a big step toward eliminating wasted effort by making sure required documentation was submitted before deadline without reminders.

Executive Director Ray Nagel reports that during the first four-week measurement period, 95% of all daily documents in Residential were submitted before deadline without reminders. Residential managers need to make sure 100% of documentation is complete before we can bill. When they don't need to chase a lot of missing documents, they can focus more attention on supporting Residential staff in providing quality client care.

Several homes hit 100% submission rates over the four-week period:
100% for 3 weeks
100% for 2 weeks
Longfellow, Church Road, Hallowell Road, Mae Lane, High Street
100% for 1 week
Old Portland Road

"This group of managers has done an outstanding job," Ray said. He congratulated Director of Residential Services Alli Vercoe, Associate Directors Amy Davis and Jess Bernier, and the entire residential team.
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