Starring: Good Nutrition!

An Independence Association client carries a packaged meal -- complete with flatware -- across a snowy yard to an elderly person's residence. Our clients volunteer weekly to deliver Meals on Wheels.

Healthy cooking and eating star in many of our programs. Community Works clients deliver Meals on Wheels every Friday throughout Brunswick and Topsham. Our Community Living clients enjoy sharing a healthy dinner of their own creation most months. And at EnvisionME, located in our Topsham Founders Building, Tuesday and Wednesday are the regular days for shopping and then cooking a healthy lunch.
Recently, Hannafords Dietician Hillary Pride took the EnvisionME crew for a “Guiding Stars” tour of the store.
The Guiding Star system is a simple way to identify foods with higher nutrition. Foods may receive no star, or up to 3 stars, depending on a range of nutritional factors considered scientifically important by the US Food and Drug Administration.
About one-third of the foods that have been reviewed receive at least one star; three stars represent foods with higher nutritional value. Meats, soups, and yogurts are among the foods that least often earn even one star; seafood, cereals, and fresh fruits and vegetables tend to rate well.
The Guiding Star system makes it easy for anyone to make wiser food choices at the supermarket.
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